4/25/2020  Ranger Dave
This virus and the subsequent recovery is going to put people out of business- FOREVER! 
Yes that may seem like doom and gloom but if you are still in shock phase, you had better snap out of it.  You have a choice and you had better make a choice.  Sink or swim.  Fight or Flight.  
What I am about to tell you is not to impress you rather to impress upon you that now is the time to start working as a team. Now is the time to build your tribe. 
I fight.  I always have and I always will.  I have a lifetime of success as an Airborne Ranger in the US Army.  A Special Forces "Green Beret." I survived four years of combat in places such as Iraq and Afghanistan in austere environments at times living in places surrounded by Taliban with 6 only other Green Berets.  I had to be ruthless, savage and overbearing.  I had to outsmart the terrorists who placed bombs in the ground to take me out.  I was a Special Forces Team Sergeant.  I had a 6-figure price on my head as a Taliban target.  I survived.  I won.  My men did too.  In 5 years I have built a marketing agency unrivaled in the Puget Sound.  How?  Talent, outworking everyone else, and staying ahead of technology.  Most importantly, vision.  
Do you surround yourself with winners?  Do people follow you?  You have that ability.  You just need the right way to do it and I will show you how.  It's proven.  It's effective.  But it isn't a get rich quick deal.  You have to work for it.  You have to work hard for it.  If you don't want to work hard, just exit off this screen and go back to whatever pre-COVID19 plan that you are still pretending is going to bring you business.  This is WAR.  More people are online right now than ever in the history of mankind and the internet.  You should be online working non-stop, 7-days a week as many hours a day as you can handle as you will NEVER get an opportunity like this and your business may not make it if you don't.  You have to fight for your business, your future, your dreams!  I will be your battle buddy.  I will fight with you.   
If you’ve seen the movie Meet the Parents, you probably remember “the circle of trust.” Robert De Niro’s character, Jack, a former CIA agent and overly protective father, is obsessed with making sure his future son-in-law Greg is a trustworthy and honorable husband for Pam, his only daughter. From his point of view, a person is either in or out of his circle of trust; there’s nothing in between.  
Take a break for a second and watch the video below for a break from my rant.  It's a comedy break.
Are you ready to learn more?  
How do you build a tribe?  
You build a tribe by providing value to the world.  You bring those you know, closer to you.  You help them to succeed.  You GIVE!  Give!  We have reached out to over 18,000 business in the past 30 days.  We have been on the phone or writing emails, texting and producing tons of content.  Articles.  Videos.  Why?  Everyone is online right now.  Everyone.  We know this as we have many websites and our website traffic went through the roof.  Our social media pages, groups and other platforms have kept me us so busy we have been talking on the phone while scanning and managing it all.  
We have offered over 18,000 businesses FREE advertising for up to two years.  We have reached out to my friends in business.  We told our current clients who were struggling that we would work for them for free until this mess is over.  We are a team and we are team players.
We have taken on new clients.  We have businesses so grateful that they told me that when things get back to normal, they want to hire me immediately. I brought them business.  I helped them make money.  I helped them to survive.  I get leads from just about every industry.  Some I give out to those in my networking groups.  Some I don't give out.  You have to pay for high dollar leads.  It cost me money to get them.  I have started 3 new businesses.  Maybe 4.  I have lost count off the top of my head.  I have partnered with some in business.  
This website is the beginning of your tribe.  This site will give you the ability to give.  This site is the start of everything.  You may not see it but I have a dozen of them.  This is a Tribe Builder.   There is more of course but we can discuss it further.
Set up an appointment with me and I will show you how to build your "circle of trust" and how to succeed with it.  I am not here to motivate you.  I am not a coach.  I only work with those motivated and ready to fight, win and survive.  I give you proven methods to build a tribe so that you and those you know, can thrive into the future.  
It takes money to build a tribe. It takes money to make money so if the timing is not good for you now, keep me in mind for the future.  But now is the time to build your tribe like no other.  There is no greater time or urgency than now.