5/1/2022  DiscoverMaestro.com
Do you network?  Are you the "go to person" in your community? Amongst your friends?
You should be.
Q: Why should I get a directory site for my business?
A:  Value.  If you are a real estate agent, why would people go to your website unless they were looking for a home?  You can post your links from your website onto your social media but ultimately people will think, "I don't want to visit a real estate website" if they are not looking to buy or sell.  This site allows you to show people where the great businesses in your area are at.  It shows the great events that are happening in your area.  Then when people visit your site to see great things in your area, there is your business, seen by them all. You are the "Angie's List" at a hyper-local level and people like to shop local. 
Q: What do you suggest should be on the site?
A: We suggest you have a business directory, event directory and an article section.  This is the most economical site and you can always add sections as you grow.   
Q: How much does it cost to build, host and manage a site for my business, city or county?
A: There are many variables to building and populating these sites and each one is customized for the client.  We can tell you this, it is very affordable and most importantly, it can be profitable! 
Q: How can I make money from the site?
A: Great Question!  After all, you are in business to make profits.  There are several ways that you make money from the site.  The overall exposure of your business is prominent.  You can have your ads on the site.  You can write stories about yourself or you can have other stories written with your business information below it as an ad.  You can promote your events.  There is advertising space where you can sell ad space.  People will pay to be on your directory; one year flat fee or a monthly charge.  We will advise you on all the pricing you should have from start to years into the future.  Business owners will pay you to post their stories or events. The great thing about a directory site like this is it is affordable and profitable.
It builds credibility outside of your current business. 
Q: Who populates the site?
A: Primarily we will populate the site with businesses, events and articles.  You can always add your friend's businesses, local events that you would like to highlight and you can write articles yourself or publish an article you want written.  
Q: Who do I speak to about learning more?
A:  Feel free to schedule a zoom call with us here:  SCHEDULE ZOOM CALL